Sunday, June 29, 2008


So, nothing huge new with me. Busy as always, though midterms went well. I have one year left and school is no more! This is a big deal, because except for my mission, I've been in school since I was 4 or 5!. I am going to San Francisco this week for a Smart Marriages conference, and I'll be there for the 4th of July! I'm thinking of going to the Redwoods and/or to Alcatraz, but we'll see what happens.

So these won't be new to my siblings, but they were to me. I just found em.' I give you the best of some recently unearthed pictures.

Mom's 50th birthday! I was on my mission when this was taken. Gosh, she rocks! I miss you, Mom.

Me, at about age 13, hangin' with my BFF Tim's little cousin. I LOVE THE 90'S! Check out the "Mossimo" shirt and the "No Fear" hat I'm workin'!

Uhh...Jaimee, I don't think girls in our family were allowed such skanky short shorts! Points for flexibility, though :) Nineteen years later, we're about to hit Park City again!

Dad and I hiked the Y when he came to my BYU graduation.

Mom and Princess Julia. Hahahaha.

What is up with our hair? On second thought, I don't love the 90's.

And, this little gem of an unused promo poster for CTU Provo. There you go James, just me and Donny.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT: This week it's just a simple testimony. I went with the missionaries to teach a discussion, and I'll tell you what, I know by the sweet confirmation of the Holy Ghost that the latter-day work of the Church of Jesus Christ is divine. If you get the chance to accompany the missionaries on a discussion, do so. It is a faith-confirming experience.


I loved it, loved it, loved it. From the visuals to the characters to the story to the comedy to the surprisingly deep morality, this is a fantastic movie, even if you don't have any whippersnappers with you. Surprisingly touching, poignantly romantic (I know, it's about robots, have to see it to understand). Previously, the best Pixar movies had a razor-sharp verbal wit (Toy Story, The Incredibles) but Wall*E, having a pair of leads who hardly speak, resurrects the type of sweet and good-natured characterizations and physical comedy found in, candidly, the silent masterworks of Charlie Chaplin. Seriously, if you love Wall*E, go and rent Charlie Chaplin's City Lights; it's one of the best romantic comedies ever. At any rate, while Iron Man may be the year's most kick-a** entertainer so far, Wall*E spoke to me more, and was equally entertaining in it's own sweet way. And it is a visual feast. See it on the big screen. ***** (out of five)


In a nutshell: Get Smart will have you smiling the whole time, chuckling and giggling for a healthy chunk of it, and a handful of times it'll make you laugh until it hurts. Surprisingly solid action, a very likable role for Steve Carrell, and Anne Hatheway showing more charm than...well...ever. Alan Arkin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson...they're all good. Not an instant classic, but definitely worth catching if you need a laugh. Some terrific one-liners and physical comedy. Steve Carrell seems to be channeling more of his Daily Show persona and less of Michael Scott, and it's good to be reminded of his comedic range. Rated PG-13 for a few profanities and a handful of vulgar jokes/innuendo. ***1/2 (out of five).

Less of a riotous comedy (though it does have its moments) and more of a just plain likable, feel-good, fun movie about making your own movies. I may be biased, as I love Jack Black and Mos Def, but this is a great little film that really captures the fun of making movies with your friends, for your friends. Really entertaining. Rated PG-13 for a few profanities and one innuendo. ***1/2 (out of five).


The Scotts said...

Very fun photo flashbacks. I could not read your reviews until after I see them. I don't like any information on it if I haven't seen it. So I will get back with you on them. Have fun in Cali!

laura said...

Waaaaaait when are you leaving SF? I get there on the 8th!

The Driggs said...

Awesome pics. Only our hair wasn't THAT bad in the 90' the 80's was a different story. Yes, Jaimee's leg is mighty sexy. Have fun in San Fransisco...doesn't seem like the city for a Smart Marriage conference, but have a good time all the same! Can't wait to see ya in 2 weeks.

Nuestra Familia said...

Great pictures, hair and reviews, thanks! Ale

The Buckleys said...


Jaycleve11 said...

Mr. Decker...How are you? I think it's safe to say we haven't spoken in about 10 years. With that said, you haven't changed a bit. It must bee the Aveda skin moisturizer you use. That magical serum is highly underestimated. I hope everything is as good as it appears.

Hey, do you remember walking into that tree in Elementary school. Good stuff!


Jason and Stacy said...

Oops! Wrong account.

-Jason McCleve